Be Part Of Our Family

We are a family run boutique style dog daycare facility in Harrison NJ. We founded Woof and Fur, with the purpose of providing the best pet care to our dogs instead of just gimmicks. Our business is founded on the premise of tailoring all our services to each dog’s needs. “We don’t believe in a one size fits all type of business. Just as humans are all different, each dog is different and has different needs. Dogs communicate all their needs to us, we just have to listen, Woof and Fur is here to listen and cater to each pet’s needs in a safe and secure environment.

Our Values


We believe in connected communities and we are one global network. At times it’s just getting two dogs to meet, and the world becomes smaller. We are creating communities for dogs and people who love dogs.


We are always transparent and accountable. We take our responsibilities seriously and we will alwayskeep our word.


We love our dogs, we love life and we love what we do. We will always work to be better, try new things, learn something new. We are always moving forward and improving


We believe in being an ethically responsible business. We believe in building social value and reducingour carbon foot print.