We have come up with the most customized grooming options to cleanse your pets coat and skin.

Choose from professional grooming services, express grooming and self-service grooming. We use only the best all-natural grooming products which are free from artificial ingredients and colors. All our grooming surfaces and equipment are sanitized daily for the pawfect grooming experience.

Custom Cut

Your dog will enjoy a relaxing, hydrating spa wash, coupled with a complete blow out and finished off with a custom cut and hair styling of your dog's choice.Our professional and experienced groomer will give your pooch a custom cut according to your preferences or to the dog breed’s grooming standard. Your dour dog will leave our grooming experience feeling absolutely pawfect! Call us to make an appointment. Price varies by breed, come in for a full consultation.

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Professional Spa Bath

With the professional grooming option (no haircuts) your pet will get a pampering luxurious spa bath experience. The professional treatment includes shampoo and conditioner, nail clipping and ear cleaning. You have a choice from our finest all natural shampoos, hypoallergenic and medicated shampoos and conditioners. We also offer ad-don options such as de-shedding, oatmeal soak and de-matting so that your dog looks their absolute best. Make an appointment and treat your pooch to an amazing relaxing luxurious spa bath. Pricing varies by breed and size.

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Self-Service Grooming

Tired of the cleaning up after washing your dog at home? If you are tired of clogged drains and would like a fast washing service, then the self-service dog washing is the best option for you. We have designed our grooming spaces with ample space for you and your dog. The bath tubs are designed to be comfortable for you and your dog. Our self-serve wash features a choice of three shampoos and one conditioner. You have a wide range of coat friendly luxurious shampoos, conditioners and an easy wash and conditioner mixing system.  Finish your washing with super absorbent towels and fast, gentle professional grade dryers. Treat your pet to gentle ear cleaning and a choice of brushes to complete their grooming experience. No appointment needed, service is available on a first come first serve basis.

  • Ample, comfortable and super-sanitized washing space for you and your dog
  • A choice of three premium shampoos and luxury upgrades available for your wash
  • Lots of treats for your soon to be squeaky clean dog
  • Aprons for you, kid size aprons and foot stools to make it a family fun washing
  • Plush, premium hotel grade super absorbent towels
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Express Dog Washing

Don’t have time for the professional spa treatment and you don’t feel like washing your dog yourself. Try the express dog washing. This is a 30-minute wash, condition and drying service. One of our trained team members will gently cleanse, condition and dry your dog with our premium shampoos, conditioners. and professional grade driers. You have a choice of three premium shampoos and two conditioners. Your dog will be treated to a gentle professional drying, brush out and gentle ear cleaning. This service is available only on the weekends on a first come first serve basis.

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